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Visual content is dominating the digital space—and few mediums allow you to speak directly to your audience quite like videos. Whether you’re looking to create crisp, creative social media content with professional equipment or you need a space to shoot a standout TV spot, the Authentic Exposure Studio is the perfect Austin video production studio to make visual magic happen.

It’s true that shooting content on your iPhone can yield impressive results. However, nothing can beat the quality and polish of content shot using professional video equipment in a controlled, comfortable space—all backed by our team of experienced video production professionals. From corporate commercials to YouTube videos, documentary interviews, and more, The AE Studio is here to support your creative vision.

Benefits of Our Austin Video Production Studio


Professional Equipment Provided

When you record content in a video production studio all of our industry-quality equipment is provided for you. That includes cinema cameras, professional microphones, and lighting. 

By shooting in a professional studio like ours, there’s no guesswork on what type of equipment you’ll need to purchase or rent. Use our state of the art equipment or feel free to bring your own setup and make yourself at home.

Variety of Lighting Options

Having a number of lighting options to choose from allows for visual variety and creativity. You can experiment with different lighting setups, angles, and color temperatures, resulting in visually dynamic and visually engaging videos. 

Whether it’s using natural daylight, diffused lighting, or colored gels, the ability to choose from various lighting options adds depth, dimension, and visual interest to your videos.


Batch Shooting

With full access to a video production studio like ours, you’ll be able to complete batch shoots to greatly streamline your production process. By shooting multiple videos in a single session, you maximize efficiency and save valuable time. Batch shooting also allows you to maintain a consistent look and feel across your videos, ensuring cohesive branding. 

Book a block of time in our studio and harness your momentum and creativity, staying in the flow and maintaining a consistent energy throughout the shooting session. Ultimately, you’ll be able to produce a steady stream of high-quality video content while saving time, maintaining consistency, and maximizing your creative potential.

Reduced Distractions

Our private studio is a refuge from the noises and distractions of the outside world, enabling you to focus solely on the creative process. 

By eliminating the frequent disturbances of public spaces or outdoor locations, you can maintain a concentrated and immersive working environment. This promotes enhanced collaboration and allows everyone involved to fully immerse themselves in the production, resulting in higher-quality output.

Reduced Distractions
Enhanced Set Design & Customization

Enhanced Set Design & Customization

Our video production studio also offers you the opportunity to design and customize sets specifically tailored to your video content. You’ll have complete access to use our space as you see fit, and you’re free to use any and all—or none—of our existing furniture and equipment. 

With complete creative freedom, you can let your imagination run free, creating visually captivating and immersive settings that align perfectly with your narrative or brand.

Book Your Video Shoot Today

Conveniently located in the heart of Austin, our video production studio is designed to energize your creativity and support your vision. No matter what form of video content you’re creating, we’re ready to ignite your imagination, streamline the shoot, and ensure you come away with all the content you need to represent you, your brand, or your products.

At the AE Studio, your creativity is cherished and your artistry is celebrated. Ready to make visual magic happen? Book your video production or reach out to schedule a studio tour.