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Booking the AE Studio

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What is the AE Studio?

A creative space offering support to filmmakers, photographers, and podcasters looking to bring their ideas and vision to manifestation.

What services does The AE Studio provide?

We offer a variety of services from studio rental to production for filmmakers, podcasters, photographers and all content creators.

What equipment does the AE Studio provide during my rental or production?

The studio is outfitted with top of the line equipment for any production. Sony FX3 cameras, Aputure lighting, Shure and Rode microphones, Zoom audio interfaces, high quality acoustic panels, studio headphones, and Atem live streaming interface.

WIll the AE Studio help me produce my podcast or video?

Yes, we provide high quality recording options for both podcast and video production. As our guest you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just show up, relax, and create your content. We provide live switching for podcasts so you can leave the studio with a fully edited file in your hands.

Where is the AE Studio located?

1010 Land Creek Cove, Suite 100. Austin, TX 78746

Can I provide my own production team?

Yes, absolutely. All the equipment is included in the rental, except for the cameras , so you are still welcome to use any of it with your own team. Cameras have an additional $50/day per camera charge if you are not using our production services.

Can I use my own recording equipment?

While yes you can bring your own gear, we try to make it as seamless as possible providing everything you need. However, if you do bring your own gear the studio is not responsible if it incurs any damage.

How many people can participate in a podcast recording?

Item description The studio is equipped and can accommodate up to 4 people for a podcast recording. Producers or guests not on microphone are welcome to sit in as long as space permits.

Do I have to wear headphones for the podcast recording?

Nope. That’s your choice and preference. We will be here to support and monitor your podcast audio so you don’t have to.

What is the parking situation at the AE Studio?

We have a huge parking lot that can accommodate up to twenty vehicles and we are located in a cul-de-sac if there is overflow parking.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

Cancellation policy is as follows:

Up to 7 days before session start time – Full refund, excluding fees.

7 days to 24 hours before session start time – 50% refund, excluding fees.

Less than 24 hours before session start time – Unfortunately not eligible for a refund.

What happens if I don’t show up for my session?

If you schedule a session and don’t show up or don’t contact us, you will be charged the full amount. To avoid the full charge please contact us at

What if I need more time than scheduled?

If no one is scheduled after you we can add additional time, otherwise, you must finish at your scheduled time.

How does the AE Studio record audio for podcasts?

For podcasting the AE Studio uses professional-grade Shure SM7B microphones and the Zoom P8 for capture, and employs techniques like noise reduction and equalization to ensure clear, high-quality audio. We will provide separate audio WAV or MP3 files for each person/microphone present and provide the multitrack for the podcast.

Can I tour the studio before scheduling a session?

Yes, you are welcome to book a studio tour.

Can I arrive early to my podcast session?

We ask that you arrive no sooner than 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

Can you edit my podcast after recording?

Yes, the AE Studio does offer post production for podcasts. The cost will depend on the project. Please reach out to us to discuss further.

Can I schedule recurring bookings?

You can, but with one caveat. We will need to look ahead at the schedule and make sure there are no conflicts.

Can I bring food and drinks?

Yes it is allowed, but please clean up after yourselves.

What happens if I arrive late to my recording session?

If you anticipate being late, please reach out to us immediately via email at, or by phone/text at (512) 779.0330. We will do what we can to accommodate your studio time, but can make no guarantees of studio availability if you are late. If you are more than 20 minutes late and make no effort to contact us, then unfortunately your session will be forfeited with no refund.

Do I need to follow any guidelines at the studio?

Our guidelines are designed to ensure a great session for everyone. These include:

You will be held responsible for any damage to the studio, property, equipment or software during your session.

Minors must be supervised by an adult at all times and are not allowed in the video studio.

Smoking and illegal drugs are not allowed on the premises.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Bathrooms are located in the front lobby back outside of the studio.

You can help yourself to refreshments in the fridge.

Food and drinks are allowed, but please clean up after yourself.

No excessive alcohol consumption.

No glitter or confetti allowed.

No parties allowed.