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Austin, Texas

About the AE Studio Photography

The Authentic Exposure brand began with photography, and our downtown Austin studio is the perfect place to capture your Authentic Self. Whether you’re looking for portraits, branding photography, or beautiful product photos, our fully equipped studio is endlessly versatile and provides you the opportunity to explore various themes, backdrops, and props.

In addition to professional sessions with our resident photographer, we also offer our Austin studio as a rental space, enabling you to bring in your own equipment and complete your shoot in a fully controlled and distraction-free environment. With control over lighting, composition, and set design, Authentic Exposure Studio is a playground for your creativity and vision.

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Located in the heart of Austin, our photography studio is the perfect place for individuals, brands, and creatives to capture the essence of who they are through photos. Our resident photographer is experienced in both portrait and brand photography to bring out the best in individuals and brands alike. Our professionally outfitted space is also open for photographers to capture their own visual magic.

At The AE Studio, your creativity is cherished and your artistry is celebrated. Ready to get started? Book your photoshoot below or reach out for a studio tour.