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Austin, Texas

The AE Studio – Memberships & Packages

For constant creators, we offer multiple monthly memberships and studio rental packages at Authentic Exposure Studio. Our monthly packages offer a number of benefits, including discounted rates, preferred booking times, and ongoing professional consultation.

These packages and memberships are a great opportunity for those looking to consistently create high-quality video and audio content to collaborate with our studio production team. The AE Studio team is also here to provide valuable feedback and insights to help you refine and polish your content creation skills. As a member you will have access to all of our resources. Your success is our success, and we’re excited to work with you!

Membership & Packages


Studio Rental Packages

Membership includes access to the studio space, professional lighting and furniture for set design.

Allows you to bring in your own equipment and talented production team.

Does not include any audio or video equipment and/or production services.

3, 5, 10, and 20 hour monthly options available


Creator Membership

Membership includes full content production with the following:

Access to all audio equipment which includes but is not limited to: Shure SM7B Microphones, Rode NTG4 boom mics, Zoom audio recorders

Access to all video equipment which includes but is not limited to: Sony FX3 Cameras, Atomos Ninja monitors, Sony GMaster, Zeiss, and Sigma Lenses

In-Studio Production Assistant

Professional Lighting

Custom Set Design

Deliverables: Raw Video & Audio Files

5 and 10 hour monthly options available


Turnkey Membership

Package includes full in studio production and post production:

10 episodes (season)

50 short form content (season) scheduled and posted by our team

1 Long form edit per episode

Growth opportunities and monetization

Strategic outreach campaign

Secure aligned sponsors and partnerships

Negotiate mutually beneficial partnership terms

In-Studio Production Manager

Let’s Create Together!

One of the best parts about running our studio is getting to know the talented, vibrant, and inspiring creatives who call the Austin community home. Through our monthly membership and studio rental packages, we’re able to form long-term relationships with our incredible clients, watch them grow as creators, and feel invested in their success.

If you’re ready to create, we’re ready to support you! At the AE Studio, your creativity is cherished and your artistry is celebrated. Reach out to us to learn more about our membership packages or schedule a studio tour.