Ep. 3 | Overcoming Self Critisism

May 7

Welcome to the latest episode of the Logan and Faiez Show, an honest dialogue between two men navigating business, family, spirituality – and most importantly, themselves. In today’s episode, Logan & Faiez dive into: – Navigating shallow and deep relationships – Reframing the skill of small talk – Overcoming the shame of falling short – Surrounding yourself with people who take accountability – Leading with the heart and mind.

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00:50 Criteria for solid guy friends
2:55 Navigating deep versus shallow relationships
5:54 Reframing small talk
8:14 How to use fear as a signal to get what you want
10:26 How to be less reactive at home
11:20 Overcoming the shame of falling short
13:00 Two takes on the word “healing”
16:25 How much time should you spend on improving weaknesses
22:40 Who is your accountability mirror?
24:40 Setting a good example for kids
26:10 How to ask for support in marriage
27:00 Leading with the heart and mind
39:40 Iron sharpens iron
41:50 Why we take anger out on our closest loved ones