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Austin, Texas

Podcast Studio Design & Consulting

With experience as a podcast producer and studio designer, Authentic Exposure Studio has the expertise and eye to create your ultimate at-home creative space. Our podcast studio design and consulting services are the perfect solution for those interested in creating a space of their own, as we help deliver the convenience of at-home podcasting with the superior quality that only a professional studio can provide.

We specialize in transforming your home space into a professional content creation and/or podcasting studio. Our focus is on the technical aspects of studio design, including aesthetics, lighting, and equipment recommendations to ensure that your studio not only looks impressive but also functions seamlessly to enhance your content creation experience.

Consulting Services


Hourly Consultation

Are you looking to enhance your home content and podcast studio? Our studio consulting services offer up to 2 hours of dedicated time in which our expert podcast studio designer will provide personalized recommendations on the following areas:

Camera Equipment: We’ll guide you in selecting the right cameras and accessories to capture high-quality visuals for your content.

Lighting: Get expert advice on lighting setups and techniques to create a professional and visually appealing studio environment.

Video and Audio Setup: From microphones to recording equipment, we’ll help you optimize your video and audio setup for clear and crisp recordings.

Sound and Acoustics: Ensure optimal sound quality with our recommendations on acoustic treatment and soundproofing solutions.

Set Design: Transform your studio space with our insights on set design, furniture arrangement, and decor elements to enhance your content creation atmosphere.

Whether you prefer virtual consultations or in-person meetings, we’re here to help you optimize your studio for professional-quality content creation. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards maximizing your studio’s potential!


Full Tailored Service


Elevate your home content and podcast studio with our full-service consulting option. We provide comprehensive guidance from the initial conception to the final creation of your studio, ensuring every detail is optimized for professional-level content production.

Along with everything from the Hourly consultation our Full Service includes the following:

Consultation from Conception to Creation: We work with you from the ideation stage, helping you conceptualize and plan every aspect of your studio setup, from layout and design to equipment selection and workflow optimization.

Ongoing Support Throughout the Buildout: Our team remains by your side throughout the buildout process, offering continuous guidance, feedback, and problem-solving to ensure a smooth and successful studio implementation.

On-Site Supervision for Equipment Installation: We provide on-site supervision during the equipment installation phase, ensuring that all components are set up correctly, optimized for performance, and integrated seamlessly into your studio environment.

Technical Support for Equipment Operation: Our technical experts offer ongoing support for equipment operation, troubleshooting any issues that may arise and providing training and resources to maximize the functionality of your studio setup.

Additional Ongoing Support (Available for an Additional Charge): For ongoing maintenance, upgrades, or additional consultations beyond the initial buildout, we offer continued support services at an additional charge, ensuring that your studio remains at the cutting edge of content creation technology.

With our full-service studio consulting, you can focus on creating exceptional content while we handle the technical aspects of your studio setup. Contact us to learn more about how we can transform your studio vision into reality.



We had the pleasure of meeting Logan at his studio in Austin during a recording session for The Him & Her Show with Lauryn & Michael Bosstick. From the moment we stepped into the studio, it was clear that Logan had invested not just his time but his passion into creating a space that fosters creativity and professionalism. The attention to detail and the thoughtful design of his studio made an immediate impression on us.

Inspired by his interior design eye and technical knowledge, we decided to hire Logan as a Studio Consultant for our mindbodygreen project in Miami. Logan brought the same level of intentionality and care to our home office/studio. His ability to blend aesthetics with functionality made a significant difference in how we feel and function in our studio space.

Logan’s expertise in studio design is unmatched, and his approach to consultancy is both professional and inspiring. If you’re looking for someone to help elevate your studio to the next level, Logan is, without doubt, the right choice. His work not only met expectations but exceeded them. Thank you, Logan, for transforming our space into something truly special!


-Jason Wachob, Founder & Co-CEO mindbodygreen



Let’s Create Your Space!

As Austin’s premier podcast studio, our goal is to provide a vibrant space for content creators to thrive. For some creators, the best space to create is at home—and with our experience in podcast consulting and studio design, we can ensure you’ll never have to sacrifice audio and video quality for the comfort and convenience of recording at home.

Ready to get started? Reach out today to book an initial consultation with our podcast studio designer.