Ep. 1 | The Truth About Quitting Alcohol

Apr 23

Welcome to the Logan and Faiez Show, an honest dialogue between two men navigating business, family – and most importantly, themselves.

In this episode, we talk about overcoming self destructive habits, addictions to drugs and alcohol, deepening the roots of our marriages and the challenges of living in a diverse society.

Whether you identify as an alcoholic or addict, this episode may help you or someone you love.

Please share if you think it can help.


2:30 How Logan overcame his self destructive habits
7:15 Overcoming social anxiety
9:30 Faiez’s path to sobriety
11:00 Long term relationships highlight your shortcomings
12:15 The turning point from addiction
15:00 Why Logan doesn’t identify as an alcoholic
17:00 Why Faiez labels himself an addict
19:40 Do you have a problem?
24:05 Anxiety from racism
25:19 Fears and resentments
27:34 Life after sobriety
29:59 Getting disciplined at your craft
31:10 How Logan attracted his wife
36:15 Deep roots in your marriage
40:32 Are there more problems or more perceived problems today?
43:30 How Faiez overcame his resentment of racism
47:19 You’re not going to shame someone into changing
48:33 The benefits and challenges of diversity

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