Ep. 7 | Ambition, Lost Time, & Trade Offs of Parenthood

Jun 6

Welcome to the latest episode of the Logan and Faiez Show, an honest dialogue between two men navigating business, family, spirituality – and most importantly, themselves.

In today’s episode, Logan & Faiez dive into:

– Overcoming the anxiety of lost time

– Managing the tradeoffs of ambition, values and parenthood

– Judging your own goals

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00:38 People shaming parents choices

4:49 Learn from mistakes with couple “financial dates”

7:01 The types of entrepreneurs based on your values

16:27 Get out of anxiety and into action

18:25 Time management as a parent

22:21 The “smile-curve” of happiness

25:31 CEO pay and $100M Entrepreneurs

35:32 Regrets about time

37:25 Maker vs. manager time

43:35 Beware of internet advice