Ep. 6 | Sociopaths, Imposter Syndrome, and Honest Self Evaluation

May 28

Welcome to the latest episode of the Logan and Faiez Show, an honest dialogue between two men navigating business, family, spirituality – and most importantly, themselves.

In today’s episode, Logan & Faiez dive into:

– The balance between over sharing and under sharing

– Using imposter syndrome to your advantage

– Owning your self confidence

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0:00 The psychopath rabbit hole

2:15 The sociopath litmus test

7:00 Sharing your dark moments

8:40 Under sharing vs over sharing

12:41 Settling into the mentor role

13:45 Two sides of imposter syndrome

16:01 Changing your identity

18:55 Relearning social skills without alcohol

24:10 Over compensating pride with meekness

31:20 Getting out of resentment

39:56 Grading yourself

42:25 Always on the fringe of imposter syndrome

44:29 Say yes and rise to the occasion