Ep. 5 | Are you playing pseudo-alpha?

May 28

Welcome to the latest episode of the Logan and Faiez Show, an honest dialogue between two men navigating business, family, spirituality – and most importantly, themselves.

In today’s episode, Logan & Faiez dive into:

– Overcoming the impulse to quit
– How to express frustration while maintaining psychological safety
– Using confirmation bias to your advantage
– Processing negative emotions

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2:00 The myth of socializing kids
6:00 Relationship with aging parents
8:45 Overcoming the impulse to quit
12:45 Leaving situations better than you find them
14:10 Expressing frustration in a relationship while maintaining safety
16:49 Managing the transition from work to home
19:56 Developing the faith muscle
28:45 Using confirmation bias to your advantage
31:33 What to do with a negative thought
34:09 Alpha male school
36:30 Processing negative emotions