How to Find the Ideal Podcast Producer

May 28

The Right Producer Will Be a Springboard to Podcast Success

Whether you’re just starting out in podcasting or looking to offload some of the technical aspects to stay in your creative flow, partnering with a podcast producer is often a good idea. A podcast producer can serve as everything from your technical and audiovisual support to a creative sounding board and much more. But when it comes to choosing a producer to partner with, it’s essential to find someone with both the right skills and the right personality. 

Here at Authentic Exposure Studio, we’re invested in our clients’ success, and our customers often praise the way we’re able to navigate both the technical and social aspects of producing a podcast. Throughout our time as Austin’s premier podcast studio, we’ve learned a lot while collaborating with some truly incredible people to form strong, lasting partnerships.

So if you’re in the market for a podcast producer, here are our top pieces of advice.

Evaluate Their Experience

A good starting question for any candidate producer is “How many podcasts have you produced?” More is better, of course, but you’re looking for a few different qualities besides volume here.

First, are they able to work in a wide range of genres? Or even better, do they have direct experience working within the niche you’re targeting? If you like their previous work, that’s a great sign that you’ll be on a similar creative wavelength.

A variety of podcast experience also reflects their ability to work effectively with all kinds of people, especially if many of these partnerships have lasted a long time.

Assess Their Technical Aptitude

If you aren’t especially strong in sound engineering, videography, editing, or other technical aspects of podcast production, it can be tricky to evaluate someone else’s level of expertise. That said, there are a few ways you can assess this quality of any podcast producer. 

Again, reviewing their previous work is a good start. Even those outside of the production realm can typically tell when something looks and sounds professional. In addition, any technical certifications they can provide are certainly a bonus.

Another good cue is to ask about their hobbies and interests. Many talented producers find their way to podcast production simply from a love of visual media and storytelling. If they have related hobbies and interests, chances are they spend a lot of time on sound engineering, editing, photography, and other creative outlets that have further honed their skills over the years.

camera equipment used by a podcast producer as the host records an episode

Get to Know Them (as Much as You Can)

One of the most difficult things to assess quickly is personality fit. Yet this is one of the main factors that can make for a lasting, fulfilling creative partnership—or result in tension and creative differences at every stage.

To evaluate personality fit, monitor how you feel as you interact with any potential podcast producer. Do they respond quickly to inquiries? Do they seem genuinely interested in your podcast, or are you just another client? Are they easy to talk to, or do they keep you at arm’s length—all business, all the time? Are they scatterbrained, difficult to communicate with, or unresponsive? 

It’s essential to find a podcast producer with whom you can work in harmony. The ideal producer should be kind, easygoing, and know how to adapt their production style to your needs. 

If you can, it may be a good idea to book some sort of introductory service or touchpoint that will give you a chance to see them in action and evaluate from there.

It’s not always about a personality being right or wrong, either—some people simply can’t work together well, and that’s totally okay. But it’s important to make this judgment before jumping into a long-running creative partnership.

Ask for (Multiple) References

Third-party perspectives are essential as you make a final decision on which producer will be best for you and your podcast. This is where references come in. 

References from current or past clients will provide an invaluable perspective on your producer’s style both inside and outside of the studio. We recommend seeking out a range of references, including clients who just started working with this producer and longer-running clients. 

Both types of clients should be able to highlight positive aspects and potential personality quirks that may impact your ability to work with your candidate producer.

Let’s Create Together!

Choosing the right podcast producer is a decision that carries immense weight for your podcast. The ideal producer will support your vision and spur you to new creative heights while making the process of recording, editing, and publishing your podcast as streamlined as possible. 

At the Authentic Exposure Studio, we love working with new and established podcasters alike, and we’ve learned a lot about how to match our management and production styles to each individual we work with. 

If you’re looking for the ideal production partner and studio space for your podcast, reach out to learn more about The AE Studio or book a time in our studio!